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Conference & Invited Presentations

Levine, A. Mitigating ableism in undergraduate classrooms: The intersection of empathy and implicit bias. Poster presentation at the 2018 NCRE Spring Conference, Anaheim, CA, March 2018

Levine, A. Confronting Bias About Ability Status. Invited workshop at Auburn University sponsored by the SEC Faculty Travel Fellowship, January 2020

Park, J., Levine, A., & Kuo, H. J. Understanding disability biases in undergraduate rehabilitation students: An exploratory studyOral presentation at the 2019 NCRE Spring Conference, San Fransisco, CA, April 2019

Kuo, H.J., Levine, A., Park, J. The moderating effect of disability contact on biases: A bi-directional impact. Oral presentation at the 2021 NCRE Summer Conference (virtual; July 2021)

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