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Rehabilitation Counseling
Supervision Consortium

The RCSC is a multi-university, collaborative workgroup comprised of scholars who research supervision in rehabilitation counseling and its related disciplines. Our members span the United States and are content area experts in: professional development, models of clinical supervision, administrative supervision, professional dispositions, and equity issues in supervision.

Charles Bernacchio, EdD, CRC

University of Maine

Malachy Bishop, Ph.D., CRC

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Beth Boland, Ph.D., CRC

Western Washington University

Emily Brinck, Ph.D.

University of Wisconsin, Madison

Kate Friedman, Ph.D., CRC

Portland State University

Ramar Henderson, Ph.D., CRC

California State University, Fresno

Hung Jen Kuo, Ph.D., CRC, LPC

Michigan State University

Trent Landon, Ph.D., CRC

Utah State University

Allison Levine, Ph.D., CRC

University of Iowa

Amanda McCarthy, EdD., CRC

Northern Illinois University

Jared Schultz, Ph.D., CRC, LVRC, HS-BCP

Virginia Commonwealth University

Scott Sabella, Ph.D.

State University of New York, Buffalo

Aryn Taylor, Ph.D.

Northern Colorado University

Consortium Members

Recent Publications

Soldner, J. L., McCarthy, A., Levine, A., & Taylor, A. (2022). Professional Disposition Considerations in Clinical Supervision: A Social Justice and Disability Perspective. Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Journal, 11(3).

Special Issue on
Supervision in Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 2021 Vol. 42 Issue 1

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