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Teaching Philosophy

I am passionate about using education to mitigate biases about disability, and in the use of counselor education as a parallel process to assist new students in developing effective skills that are applicable to work in the counseling profession. I seek to bridge the classroom with the community, students with evidence-based practice, and facilitate the development of critical, socially just, and forward thinking students.

CEP 261:
Substance Abuse


CED 550**:
Ethics for Counseling

CEP 470:
Disability in a Diverse Society


CED 650*
Counseling Theories

CEP 872:
Social & Environmental Aspects of Disability

CED 660*
Counseling Techniques

CED 630**:
Career Development
& Job Placement


RCE 5249:
Medical & Psychopathological Aspects of Disability


CSED 5250:
Multiculturalism in Helping Professions


*Course developed and taught online, asynchronously

**Course developed and taught online, synchronously [as well as live]

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