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Dr. Allison Levine, CRC, NCC

Assistant Professor



Professional Bio

Dr. Levine was a keynote panelist alongside Drs. Suneetha Manyam and James Stewart at the National Council on Rehabilitation Education's Spring Conference in 2022.

They spoke on Anti-Oppressive Pedagogies in Rehabilitation Counselor Education.


Dr. Allison Levine is an assistant professor of counseling at the University of Iowa. Dr. Levine has been a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 2012 and has worked in psychiatric rehabilitation settings as well as in providing pre-employment transition services to students with autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Levine completed her doctorate in Rehabilitation Counselor Education at Michigan State University in 2018. Dr. Levine's research uses social justice frameworks for improving counselor education and supervision, in particular with regard to professional disposition development, as well as improving understandings about disability bias within the helping professions. 

Select Publications

Dr. Levine produces scholarly work in the area of counselor education. Her research focuses on improving social justice and equity within counselor education and supervision. Specifically, Dr. Levine attempts to understand the components of implicit bias about disability and to establish equitable practices in professional disposition evaluation.

Dr. Levine is a social justice-oriented scholar, taking a critical and feminist approach to her work.

Disability Bias
& Social Justice

Levine, A., Ruiz, D., Barnes, E., Becton, A., & Harley, D. A. (2022). Diversity and equity in rehabilitation counseling professional associations: An evaluation of current perspectives and future directions. Rehabilitation Counselors and Educator Journal. 11(2).

Levine, A., Fleming, A., & Harley, D. (2022). The use of social justice concepts in rehabilitation education. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin.


Levine, A. & Beach, D. (in press). Faculty perceptions of students with disabilities. In B. Kinyanjui (Ed.). Disability and accommodations in higher education: A handbook for advisors. Taylor & Francis. 

Kuo, H. J., Levine, A., & Park, J. (accepted). The effect of education and contact experiences on disability explicit and implicit biases.


Levine, A., Park, J., & Kuo, H. J. (2020). Understanding Disability Biases in Undergraduate Rehabilitation Students: An Exploratory Study. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin

Levine, A., & Breshears, B. (2019). Discrimination at Every Turn: An Intersectional Ecological Lens for Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation Psychology, 64(2), 146-153.

Professional Dispotitions

Soldner, J. L., McCarthy, A., Levine, A., & Taylor, A. (2022). Professional Disposition Considerations in Clinical Supervision: A Social Justice and Disability Perspective. Rehabilitation Counselors and Educators Journal, 11(3).

Levine, A., Henderson, R., Harley, D. A., & Wilson, K. B. (2021). Professional disposition evaluation for supervisors: A social justice approach. Journal of Rehabilitation Administration, 42(1). Full Text Available.

Levine, A., Sung, C., & Strain, A. (2019). Gatekeeping in rehabilitation counselor education: An exploratory study. Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, 12(2).

Levine, A. (2020). Preliminary establishment of the dispositional development scale:  Incorporating the working alliance in professional disposition assessment. Rehabilitation Research, Policy, and Education, 34(2), 114-126. 

Levine, A. (2020). Professional disposition evaluation for postsecondary trainees. In K. B. Wilson, S. L. Lusk, & S. Chao (Eds.), Clinical Supervision: Understanding Diversity & Interpersonal Dynamics: Nuances and Outcomes. Aspen Publishing.

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Contact Dr Allison Levine to discuss her published work, research assistantships, teaching, collaboration opportunities or for any other inquiries.

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